The Grange Primary School

Year 6

Class Teachers

Ms A Chowdhury (SLT), Miss R Gathercole,
Miss F Mawson (SLT and Assistant Head).

Learning Assistants

Mrs J Walters, Mrs C Otter.

Autumn Term 1

Our first topic in the Autumn term is, ‘Vicious Vikings Vs Savage Saxons.’ Within this topic we will be exploring the struggle for power between the Vikings and the Saxons.

During English we will be writing instructions with ‘How to Train Your Dragon’ being the hook. For Maths, we will be focussing on place value before moving onto written methods for the four operations.

Autumn Term 2

Our second topic in the Autumn term is, ‘I’m an animal, get me out of here!’.  Pupils will explore animals and how they have adapted to suit their environment and how they have evolved over time. For English, we will be using the novel ‘The One and Only Ivan’ as our hook to explore the debate of animals in captivity. For Maths, we will be understanding how to apply the four operations to fractions before exploring geometry.

Our topics have a book focus which enables pupils to fully immerse their minds into the learning context and make connections in their learning. To engage pupil’s further and to promote the love of reading, we have a class novel read together with pupils at the end of the day.

 Our PE day is on a Thursday; children will be required to be in the correct PE uniform.


Our PE day is on a Thursday; children will be required to be in the correct PE uniform.

Year 6 is an important year and it is imperative for us to prepare our pupils for life beyond the Grange Primary School.

We promote the four Rs (resilience, resourcefulness, reciprocity and reflectiveness) to ensure our pupils are independent learners who have a love for learning.

Our homework will include SATs revision guides to prepare children for the End of Key Stage 2 assessments.

Spellings, reading (5 times a week) and TT Rockstars will also be set weekly.