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Information on Enrichment

At The Grange Primary School we aim to provide enrichment activities that develop cultural capital and provide pupils with the opportunity to explore activities and subjects they might not have contemplated otherwise in lessons e.g. cooking, gardening etc.

Involvement in enrichment activities can improve students’ attitude to school, increase students’ engagement with learning and improve educational outcomes. Enrichment opportunities contribute to students’ personal and social development. Enrichment is provided weekly and either runs as a school theme or a topic specific that will enhance learning within a year group.

We have focused on our outdoor areas this year and on the planters for each year groups. We are growing sensory gardens, vegetables and flowers to use as part of science experiments. Pupils are encouraged to learn about preparing the ground, planting, weeding and tending to the crops they plant and then when required harvesting to either use, eat or sell their crops. We have also built a ‘bug hotel’ on the KS1 playground to support learning on minibeasts and habitats.