Key Instant Recall facts

What are KIRFs?

KIRFs (Key instant recall facts) are a teaching approach used to develop students’ fluency and quick recall of key mathematical facts. These facts include number bonds, times tables, and other essential arithmetic facts that are fundamental to mathematical understanding.

The purpose of KIRFs is to ensure that pupils have a strong foundation in basic mathematical facts, which allows them to solve more complex problems efficiently. The goal is to help students internalise the facts so that they can recall them quickly and accurately without needing to use a calculator or perform extensive calculations. By regularly practicing and reviewing these key facts, students can develop automaticity and mental agility in mathematical calculations.

Our KIRFs have been set for each year with specific facts and skills that students are expected to master within a given time frame. These facts are considered essential building blocks for students to develop their mathematical understanding and problem-solving abilities. Regular assessment and monitoring of KIRFs help teachers track students’ progress and identify areas that may require additional support.

By focusing on KIRFs, we aim to improve students’ numeracy skills, promote mathematical fluency, and build a strong foundation for future mathematical learning.

Supporting your child at home

Learning KIRFs shouldn’t be time-consuming. In fact, KIRFs can be practiced anywhere: in the car, walking to school, at the dinner table. The most important thing is facilitating regular practice. Little and often will support your child in retaining these facts for the long term.

Children will also be taught their KIRFs in school as they always have been; however, each half term, extra attention will be paid to the KIRF focus, as part of Early Bird Maths and other unstructured times during the school day. Teachers will also assess the children to make sure they are being retained.

We thank you for supporting your child in developing as a confident mathematician. We strongly believe that with factual fluency, your child will become much more confident when working with number and be able to access the curriculum year-on-year with more confidence and enjoyment.