The Grange Primary School

Investors in Pupils

At The Grange Primary School we are very proud to have achieved the Investors in Pupils award. This means we consistently embed and enhance pupil voice within school, and encourage children to take more ownership of their learning and behaviour and ultimately empower them.

These are some of the comments made by the assessor and our children:

  • This inclusive school really lives up to its motto of giving, “every child, every chance, every day”.
  • Children interviewed had awareness of the role of governors, knowing that they helped their headteacher to make many, “Important decisions to help our school “. (KS 2 pupil).
  • Parents and grandparents feel very well informed about their children’s current learning, progress and future targets and therefore able to support learning at home.
  • Pupils can talk confidently about the things they enjoy and appreciate at school, “It’s like a family – we all care about each other” (KS2 pupil).
  • Achievements in school are highly sought after and valued by the pupils. “It makes me feel happy and proud”, (KS1 pupil).
  • Pupil voice is embedded across the school. Pupils take responsibilities very seriously and are aware of themselves as role models.
  • “They have to trust us to listen to their problems”, (Buddy).
  • “We are helping the people who actually do the work”, (Fair Trade Representative).
  • Speaking about jobs in classes, “Everybody should take part – we’re a team!” (Year 4 pupil).

Investors in Pupils is based on 5 main areas:

  • Behaviour
  • Learning
  • Attendance
  • Induction
  • Classroom behaviour

It encourages children to take responsibility through target setting.

Class Charter

At the beginning of each school year every class agrees on a class charter which is displayed in the classroom and signed by all pupils and staff in the class.

Children are asked to reflect on their own areas for development during and at the end of lessons where they self and peer assess their work. Targets for subjects are displayed on the classroom in that subject areas display board.

Class Targets
Individual Target

Children are asked to reflect on their own areas for development. They write an individual SMART target which is displayed within the classroom.

At The Grange Primary School it is important that we recognise we are one whole team and work together. The whole school Rights are displayed in the hall and referred to throughout school to remind the children what we are working towards and our expectations as a school.

Whole School RIGHTS

In each classroom there is a class folder. This folder contains information about the class that helps visitors get to know our daily routines and practices.

Class Folder
The Grange Primary School

How else do we contribute to the five key areas?

  • School council
  • Pupil subject representatives and ambassadors
  • House teams
  • VIPs (very independent person)
  • 4 Rs (resourceful, resilient, reciprocal and reflective)
  • Attendance awards
  • Rainbow targets
  • Safe adults
  • Buddies and play leaders
  • Effort points