Stage 1

FS1 Staff

Teacher – Mrs K Simpson

Support staff – Mrs G Symonds (EYP), Miss K Cole


As the interests and needs of the children change year on year and even month on month, we do not follow a strict yearly curriculum. This said, however, to widen the children’s experiences and understanding of the world around them, there are certain topics, including learning through the seasons and learning about festivals, that we will explore during the year. This year, our possible lines of interest are:

Autumn Term

Autumn 1 – Marvellous Me      Autumn 2 – Colour and Light

  • Ourselves/Getting to know me
  • What is Autumn?
  • Bonfire Night/Night and day
  • Space Week
  • Remembrance Day
  • Road safety
  • Harvest
  • Diwali
  • Nursery rhymes
  • Anti bullying week
  • Halloween
  • Christmas
  • What is Winter?
  • JIGSAW: Being me in my world/Celebrating difference

Books to support our lines of interests:

Playgroup, Starting School, Meg and Mog, The Enormous Turnip, We’re going on a bear hunt, Owl babies, various nursery rhymes and The Christmas Story.

In Maths, we will be focusing on:

– Using number names to 5 and number language to 5 spontaneously and accurately during play.
– Understanding that numbers identify how many objects are in a set.
– Beginning to represent numbers using fingers and other concrete objects.
– Developing an interest in shape and space by playing with shapes or making arrangements with objects
– Developing an awareness of similarities of shapes in the environment.

In English, our focus is:

– Enjoying rhyming and rhythmic activities and showing awareness of rhyme and alliteration through familiar and traditional nursery rhymes.
– Developing listening skills through joining in with stories and poems.
– Developing early book skills such as looking at / handling books carefully and turning pages from left to right as we talk about the illustrations.
– Developing early vocabulary by understanding the uses of familiar objects.
– Giving meaning to marks that we make through drawing and painting

Spring Term

Spring 1 -People who help us           Spring 2 – Once upon a time

  • What is Spring?
  • Growing
  • Chinese New Year
  • Easter
  • Mother and Baby Animals
  • World Book Day
  • Science Week
  • Senses/healthy eating/our bodies/our families/our pets
  • Fair trade fortnight
  • Sports Relief
  • World Countries and Religions day
  • JIGSAW: Dreams and goals/Healthy me

Books to support our lines of interests:

Spring themed books, Talk for writing through nursery rhymes, The three Little Pigs, The Hungry Caterpillar, Number Rhymes, Dear Zoo and ‘You’re not my mummy’ animal books.

In Maths, we will be focusing on:

– Comparing two groups of objects, saying when we have the same number.
– Showing an interest in number problems and in numerals in the environment.
– Separating a group of three or four objects in different ways, beginning to recognise that the total is still the same.
– Sustained construction activity and talking about shapes or arrangements.
– Using shapes appropriately for tasks.
– Using positional language.

In English, our focus is:

– Joining in with repeated phrases and anticipating key events in rhymes and stories.
– Suggesting how the story might end.
– Listening to stories with increasing attention and recall.
– Beginning to give meaning to print in the environment and recognising letters in our first name.
– Early phonological awareness through hearing and saying some sounds in speech such as ‘s’, ‘c’, ‘p’, ‘t’ ‘f’ and ‘a’
– Beginning to draw various lines and shapes in our mark making to represent our ideas.

Summer term

Summer 1 – In the Garden           Summer 2 – Under the Sea

  • What is Summer?
  • Minibeasts
  • Eid-Ul-Fitr
  • Transition for new class
  • The farm
  • Traditional stories
  • JIGSAW: Relationships/Changing me
  • Refugee week

Books to support our lines of interests:

Summer themed books. Various Traditional Tales such as Goldilocks and the three bears. The Rainbow Fish. Number rhymes.

In Maths, we will be focusing on:

– Recognising and matching some numerals and quantities correctly to 5.
– Reciting numbers in order to 10.
– Beginning to represent numbers using fingers, marks on paper or pictures.
– Knowing that not only objects, but anything can be counted including steps, counts and jumps.
– Beginning to use language to name and describe 2D shapes.

In English, our focus is:

– Describing the main settings, events and characters in stories.
– Linking print in the environment to print and illustrations in books.
– Beginning to form some of the letters in our first name.
– Linking speech sounds such as ‘s’, ‘c’, ‘p’, ‘t’ ‘f’ and ‘a’ to the initial sounds of familiar words e.g. ‘c’ for cat.
– Using Talk for Writing to learn familiar story structures.

Our ‘11 before 11’ experience is a family picnic with parents/carers at the Pink Pig farm in the Summer term.

Please help us in supporting your child with:

  • – Toileting: please encourage your child to have a regular toileting routine with opportunities to develop health and self-care skills such as dressing/undressing and washing hands.
  • – Early reading and language development : please make full use of the pre reader books, which the children will bring home weekly in the Spring term, by discussing illustrations and asking ‘what’, ‘who’ , ‘where’ and ‘why’ questions.
  • – Early counting opportunities: please use any day to day objects at home such as spoons, balls, straws, apples, and toys to practice counting and talking about number.