Information on our

Extended Services

In line with Working Together to Safeguard Children we work with a number of extended services such as Children’s Service Social Work Team, Children’s Centres, Health Visitors, School Nurses, Family Support Workers, and the Integrated Service for Disabled Children and The Local Safeguarding Children’s Board.


This is to ensure that we holistically support the children in our school to achieve their full potential, by working as a multi-agency support network.


Extended Services is integral to our school’s way of working with much of the provision run in house!


We have several partnerships working within school, amongst schools and our community at large.


It is paramount to us that we have positive working relationships with other parties, who have a role to play, in ensuring a pupil’s specific need / needs are addressed in order to impact positively on the pupil’s well being.


Our highly skilled and experienced Pastoral and Inclusion Manager, Mrs Hempstock, leads us strategically in the right direction.


Our close working relationship with other agencies leads to swift referrals to specialist services.