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Ethos, Values and Aims
Our Ethos and Values

We Know How to Make Learning Fun For Kids

Our school seeks to develop success over a broad spectrum and to recognise the talents and achievements of all pupils.  Through a broad, balanced, relevant curriculum and daily activities, pupils are engaged in opportunities for developing spiritual awareness, a moral code as well as advancing social skills and knowledge of their own culture and that of other people.

Our vision is to provide a safe, supportive, nurturing, stimulating and inspiring learning environment in which the whole community is valued and included. Everyone is expected to demonstrate high standards in all aspects of school life, including behaviour, gain a sense of independence and work to the best of their ability. They will be responsible citizens, confident in the knowledge that they have experienced a wide range of opportunities for personalised development and social integration, which ignite a desire and passion for continued learning in a diverse and continuously changing society.

We will treat everyone at this school fairly, celebrating differences and meeting different needs so that all members of our school community are free to live, learn and enjoy in an environment where EVERYONE has a voice

Our Aims

At The Grange Primary School we aim to provide the highest standard of teaching and learning, pastoral care and broad co-curricular and extra – curricular experience, in a secure, caring, stimulating and happy environment, where each pupil’s educational, social, moral and cultural needs are met to enable them to gain a sense of independence and begin to develop in confidence (without being arrogant) and self-esteem into their best selves.

We expect all children at this school to be able to enter all walks of life, confident in the knowledge that they have received a sound, yet broad, creative and balanced foundation to their learning.

The school curriculum ensures coverage of the new National Curriculum and Religious Education, delivered through a wide range of carefully planned activities and experiences.  We believe that all children are special individuals with special needs and talents.

As a school we believe that the most valuable education is one that is broad and balanced, enabling children to enjoy their childhood whilst benefiting from a wonderful range of opportunities both in and out of the classroom.

With these elements in place, The Grange Primary School aims to produce young people at eleven who are confident without being arrogant, who are achieving well in and out of the classroom and who are appreciative of the needs of others around them.

Such young people will be well prepared for the senior phase of their education and for life beyond.