The Grange Primary School

Year 6

Class Teachers

Ms Chowdhury, Mrs Fisher, Mrs Sture and Miss Turtle.

Learning Assistants

Mrs Baxter, Mrs Beaney, Mrs Dawson and Mrs Walters.


The table below outlines the Year 6 coverage over the year. Each of our topics have a book focus which enables pupils to fully immerse their minds into the learning context and make connections in their learning. To engage them further and to promote the love of reading, class novels are also linked to the topic, making it meaningful for pupils and also aid with the acquisition of new vocabulary.



Visit or Workshop

Book focus

English focus

Maths focus

Class novel


Vile Victorians



Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens

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level work (PATSVAN & Exciting sentences)

Number and place value



Street Child by

Image result for street child



Autumn 1



Vile Victorians

Light and Shadows


Grave yard visit

The Ghost Prison by Joseph Delaney

Image result for The ghost prison

Oliver Twist diary entry (recount)

setting description and ‘There and back again’ narrative.

Addition, subtraction, multiplication
and division.



Fractions, decimals and

The ghost of Thomas Kemp by Penelope Lively

Image result for the ghost of thomas kempe




Autumn 2 

Animals in Captivity: Get me out
of here!

Yorkshire Wildlife Park Trip


Newspaper article


Non-chronological report
(Animals in captivity)

Fractions, decimals and


Position and direction



English focus: Black
 Class Novel: The one and
only Ivan
by Katherine Applegate

Spring 1 

Animals in Captivity: Get me out
of here!

The One and Only
by Katherine

Image result for The one and only ivan



Happily ever after ‘Animal in
Captivity’ narrative
 Reading and grammar SATS





Ratio and proportion

Black Beauty
by Anne Sewell

Image result for Black Beauty


Spring 2

Mysterious Mayans

Mayan workshop

The Great Chocoplot by Chris Callaghan

Reading and grammar SATS





SATS Revision

Rain Player by David Wisniewski

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Summer 1 

Mysterious Mayans

Reading and grammar SATS

SATS Revision

Summer 2

Full Power

Image result for light bulb



Instructional writing.


Transition to Y7


Problem solving games and


11 before 11 experience

Our 11 before 11 experience is: Visiting a zoo (Yorkshire Wildlife Park).

Year 6 visited Yorkshire Wildlife Park as part of their Science topic. They took part in two workshops; ‘Evolution and Inheritance’ and ‘Endangered Animals and Conservation’.


Please help us in supporting your child with the following:

  • Reading 5 times a week and using suggested questions in the Home-School links books to improve comprehension.
  • Discussing the world around you to improve vocabulary.
  • Completing homework on time (due on Mondays).
  • Ensuring PE kit is in on Monday and left at school until Friday.
  • Ensuring Home-School links books are in every day.
  • Ensuring your child is at school on time every day.
  • Supporting the school in promoting high expectations of behaviour and attitudes to learning.