Giving Every Child, Every Chance, Every Day

Telephone: 01724 843601       Headteacher: Larissa Thorpe


Giving Every Child
Every Chance
Every Day

Telephone: 01724 843601             Headteacher: Larissa Thorpe


Welcome to Year 6 Class 1

Class Information

Class Teacher: Mrs Simpson

Ancient Mayan – Our Topic

During the Autumn Term, Y6 learn about ‘The Mayan Civilisation’.

As part of the topic, children learn about: where the Mayan civilisation began in time and how long it lasted; the Mayan Lifestyle; who and what the Mayan people worshipped; the diet of the Mayan people along with many more interesting facts.

To help our pupils experience a part of the Mayan lifestyle, we held a food tasting session where the children were given the opportunity to sample food eaten by the Mayan people. This included: corn, avocado, venison, turkey, chilli, sweet potato and the most popular-chocolate!

In order to understand the importance of festivals and celebrations, the children have worked in groups to produce a re-enactment of a Mayan festival including mask making and music.

Spring Term and SATs Preparation

In the Spring Term we focus our teaching on science based topics such as health and fitness, electricity and evolution.

Alongside the science, we begin our revision and preparation for the upcoming SATs, which I’m sure you are aware, are during the week beginning 8th May.

There has been a lot to cover and the expectations are very high again this year so the children will face some tough challenges. We are very proud of how each of them is rising to this challenge and demonstrating a mature and hard-working attitude.

This term, each child is given a revision guide for both English and Maths and we would like to ask for your support in ensuring your child attempts the work in these books. If there is anything they are unsure of or finding difficult, please do not hesitate to contact a member of the Y6 staff who will be more than happy to support your child in this area.

Booster Clubs begin this term. These clubs are designed to help fill any gaps in your child’s understanding or to readdress any misconceptions they may have. They play an important role in the preparation for the SATs.

Please be assured that we are continuing to support your child/children with any apprehension they may be feeling with regards to the tests.

Summer Term

The Summer Term is a busy time of year with lots going on! Following the SATs, our topic this term is ‘What a Wonderful World’, where we will learn about the natural forces that shape our earth.  In recognition of the children’s hard work this year, we will be providing them with treats!

The SATs results are released during this term, usually around the beginning of July. You will be informed of the results in your child’s end of year report and meetings with the class teacher will be available should you require to discuss the report.

At the end of this term, the Y6s will say farewell to primary school with a production for parents and carers and we also hold our very own ‘Oscars’ ceremony! We hope that many parents and carers will join us at this event to celebrate the effort and achievement of the Y6 pupils and wish them the very best for the next chapter of their education.