Giving Every Child, Every Chance, Every Day

Telephone: 01724 843601       Headteacher: Larissa Thorpe


Giving Every Child
Every Chance
Every Day

Telephone: 01724 843601             Headteacher: Larissa Thorpe


Welcome to Year 2 Class 2

Class Information

Class Teacher: Miss Gibbons

PE Day: Tuesday.

ICT is taught in class.

Homework and reading: Homework is sent out and collected every Friday in Year Two to be returned by Thursday to be marked. Spellings are tested on a Friday.

The reading expectation is three times a week at home.

When all homework and reading is completed for a whole term children are eligible for ‘The Big Treat’


In Year Two we cover poetry, narrative and non-fiction across the school year.

We reinforce and develop English skills through Grammar Hammer, Phonics sessions, Book Talk sessions, weekly spelling tests, speaking & listening activities and regular Talk for Reading sessions.

We link the English to our topic of study at the time as far as possible and use opportunities for applying English skills in topic lessons.

Singapore Maths

Year Two are taught Maths using Inspire Maths which is based on the Singapore methods of teaching. This provides all children the opportunity to make progress and the use of ‘Same Day Intervention’ means children get additional input for those skills they have found challenging that day.

Children develop understanding of number and calculation methods as well as having daily ‘Maths Meetings’ at the end of Maths sessions to practise and apply their skills.



Autumn 1 – People of the past – history based

History is one big story, filled with important people who did many great things – scientists, rulers, artists, writers, explorers. By learning about these people and what they did, we can find out more about the qualities that make someone great.

Autumn 2 – The magic toy maker – design based

Toys come in many shapes and sizes. They are made of different materials but all are designed for us to have fun with, to learn new skills and to exercise our bodies and our imagination.

Spring 1 – Green fingers – science based

Plants are living things – they grow when we give them enough sunlight, food and water. Plants give us food to eat, clean air to breathe and materials to build our houses and furniture. We can use plants to make clothes and medicines, and to decorate our gardens.
Over the next few weeks, we are going to find out how to look after plants. We will even be growing our own plants for a Flower Show at our school!

Spring 2 – The earth our home – science and geography based

All living things – plants, animals and people – have a home or somewhere to live that we call a ‘habitat’. A habitat can be huge like the ocean or small like a leaf. A habitat could be a forest on the other side of the world or it could be a tree in our local area. Do you know any habitats?

Summer – Why we do love being by the seaside? – geography and art based

The primary objective of this enquiry is to enable pupils, as young geographers, to identify and begin to understand the key physical and human geographical features of the seaside as one example of the broader concept of ‘coasts’. Through the investigation they become able to distinguish between common coastal land uses and those that frequently occur in rural or urban environments. Pupils can come to understand that the seaside is only one example of the many different places around the world, where the land meets the sea.

Daily Timetable

A typical day for 2G consists of:

  • Registration & Earlybird activity
  • Phonics
  • Assembly
  • Brain break
  • Handwriting
  • English session

  • Snack & Break
  • Maths session
  • Dinnertime
  • Maths activities
  • Topic work
  • BookTalk & Storytime

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