Giving Every Child, Every Chance, Every Day

Telephone: 01724 843601       Headteacher: Larissa Thorpe


Giving Every Child
Every Chance
Every Day

Telephone: 01724 843601             Headteacher: Larissa Thorpe


Subject Representatives

KS1 Subject Reps 2016 – 2017

Class 1H

English Lexi M
Maths Matthew T
Science Oliver P
RE Kelli F
PSHE/ citizenship Lexi B
History William A
Dylan B
Computing James T
Art and Design Alexis-Jade P
Design and technology Elizabete P
Languages Margarida P-S
Music Bailey C
PE Kian K
Eco warrior Lewis M
Food Technology Leo N
Gardening Harim H
British Values Jayden H
Fair Trade Kieran C
Enterprise Nam D

Class 1R

English Ollie L
Maths Olly B
Science Jaxson C
RE Ellis H
PSHE/ citizenship Darcie M
History Oliver T
Jaxson S
Computing Charlie P
Art and Design Angel S-T
Design and technology Leon E
Languages Agnikan B
Music Faith H
PE Haji A
Eco warrior Ethan P
Food Technology Isabelle C
Gardening Latisha C
British Values Emily B
Fair Trade Alfie M-T
Enterprise Lexie H

Class 2G

English Julia K
Maths Ralph A
Science Charlie J
RE Emily A
PSHE/ citizenship Amelia A
History Spencer H
Kian W
Computing Sam C
Art and Design Lexie M
Design and technology Charlie E-H
Languages Elsie T
Music Grace S
PE Mason M
Eco warrior Kieran B
Food Technology Kenzie C
Gardening Kaitlyn T
British Values Summer D
Fair Trade Amy A
Enterprise Millie Jane K

Class 2F

English Maddison C
Maths Michael L
Science Jenova-Belle K
RE Danyl C
PSHE/ citizenship Amina A
History Tiago T
Paige D
Computing Quiana S
Art and Design Mason C
Design and technology Briony D
Languages Lexi N
Music Mason C
PE Christopher E
Eco warrior Brooke M
Food Technology Alfie K
Gardening Riley H
British Values Tiani A
Fair Trade Tyler B
Enterprise Mason S

KS2 Subject Reps 2016 – 2017

Class 3M

English Sienna B
Maths Samuel T
Science Logan S
RE Ruben S
PSHE/ citizenship Ellicia R-B
History Cameron-Lee G
Geography Charlie A
Computing Mia T
Art and Design Gracie R
Design and technology Cleo A
Languages Amy-Louise B
Music Kelsi F
PE Rossi W
Eco warrior Kaydee-Anne D
Food Technology Alex S
Gardening Cameron C
British Values Declan T
Fair Trade Jaxson C
Enterprise Reagan H

Class 3K

English Kimberley F
Maths Jayden Rhys H
Science Jake T
RE Lukas S
PSHE/ citizenship Cole D
History Keeley May M
Geography Poppy D
Computing Cooper D
Art and Design Jessica K
Design and technology Filip K
Languages Colbie H
Music Lincoln M
PE Aimee P
Eco warrior David B
Food Technology Brooke J
Gardening Katie E
British Values Jace S
Fair Trade Kayden M
Enterprise Simran S

Class 4G

English Lilly-Mae R
Maths Connor J
Science Libby P
RE Patryk K
PSHE/ citizenship Katie H
History Blake A
Geography Wiktor F
Computing Brooklyn S
Art and Design Evelyn A
Design and technology Kai P
Languages Hollie Ann W
Music Meegan H R
PE Filip G
Eco warrior Ethan A-S
Food Technology Corey B
Gardening Logan D
British Values Kacey T
Fair Trade Kai N
Enterprise Megan W

Class 4I

English Brooke K
Maths Quillen S
Science Alfie G
RE Abi C
PSHE/ citizenship Chelsea D
History Harry M
Geography Roksana G
Computing William B
Art and Design Tiffancy L
Design and technology Abbey Rose D
Languages Thomas H
Music Lucas B
PE Fynn T
Eco warrior Emily F
Food Technology Leah C
Gardening Keaton C
British Values Mario D-I
Fair Trade Ryan E-J
Enterprise Leon L

Class 5C

English Megan K
Maths Ivo B
Science Mason C
RE Jack H
PSHE/ citizenship Holly S
History Jessy H
Geography Robert W
Computing Erin C- L
Art and Design Alan D
Design and technology Ryan P
Languages Alfie M
Music Natasha O
PE Lincoln T
Eco warrior Dmitri M
Food Technology Demmi-Leigh M
Gardening Bailey S
British Values Adam M
Fair Trade Foster B
Enterprise KC W

Class 5T

English Daniel H
Maths Rhys J
Science Dez W
RE Gurdit S
PSHE/ citizenship Matthew N
History Ryan T
Geography Bobby A
Computing Kallum W
Art and Design Bailey W
Design and technology Charlotte J
Languages Finley S
Music Kelsey-May H
PE Nile I
Eco warrior Taylor R
Food Technology Eko J
Gardening Ellie- Mai T
British Values Sophie H
Fair Trade Lainey S
Enterprise Noah B

Class 6D

English Ruby D
Maths Alfie J
Science Hannah H-P
RE Maddison P
PSHE/ citizenship Paige B
History Ethan B
Geography Joshua J
Computing Gavinder S
Art and Design Ruby G
Design and technology Jason D
Languages Emily B
Music Zuzanna F
PE Jack J
Eco warrior Jayden B
Food Technology Christopher D
Gardening Hayley T
British Values Libby H
Fair Trade Ashley E
Enterprise Tristen W

Class 6FM

English Kieren P
Maths Daniel T
Science Leo-Joshua B
RE Sammie D
PSHE/ citizenship Kyle B
History Daniella M
Geography Harry N
Computing Benjamin B
Art and Design Riley A
Design and technology Paige E
Languages Luke S
Music Ruby Reay W
PE Alfie E
Eco warrior Joshua M
Food Technology Emily D
Gardening Maddison H
British Values Marshall C
Fair Trade Mollie H
Enterprise Harmanjit S