The Grange Primary School

Class Teachers, Early Years Practitioners and Learning Assistants
Name Leadership Area
Mrs L Thorpe Headteacher
Miss S Thomas Head of School
Mrs K Fisher Assistant Headteacher
Miss F Mawson Assistant Headteacher
Mrs L Cooper Foundation Stage Leader
Mrs J Fanthorpe SEN/D Assistant Leader
Mrs A Chowdhury Teachers CPD Leader
Mrs E Sands School Business Manager
Total 9
FS1 – Nursery
Name Foundation Stage – Nursery
26 pupils
EYP/Learning Assistant
Mrs J Fanthorpe – SLT
SEN-D Support Teacher
Morning provision only
Mrs G Symonds
Miss L Robinson
Mrs M Fox
FS2 – Reception
Name Foundation Stage – Reception EYP/Learning Assistant
Mrs L Cooper – SLT
Foundation Stage Leader
FS2 Miss E Mcilwee
Miss S Wright
Mrs L Hyke
Mrs A Brown
Miss L Robinson
Miss C Holland FS2
Key Stage 1
Teacher Name Year Group Learning Assistant
Miss L Hoggard Year 1 Mrs H Young
Mrs S Brown
Mrs Graves
Mrs L Caris
Mrs S Mellows
NQT- Until Aut Term END
Mrs L Knowles Year 2 Mrs D Ferguson
Mrs S Moody
Mrs S Graves
Miss J Driffill
Mrs C Rosser
Miss Gibbons
Key Stage 2
Name Year Group Learning Assistant
Mrs K Simpson Year 3 Mrs K Sutton
Miss Baxter
Mrs E Dawson
Mrs N Sture
Mrs N Sture
Miss F Mawson – SLT Assistant Head
Miss D Wilson
NQT – until Aut Term END
Miss K Sutherland Year 4 Mrs H Cherry
Mrs C Beaney
Miss C Crowe
NQT – until Aut Term End
Miss J Dyszk Year 5 Mrs C Davey
Mrs M Austin
Miss R Gathercole
Ms A Chowdhury – SLT Year 6 Miss D Baxter
Mrs C Beaney
Mrs E Dawson
Mrs J Walters
Mrs N Sture
Mrs K Fisher – SLT
Assistant Head
Miss B Turtle
Other Staff with some level of teaching responsibility
Mrs M Austin French – KS2 – PPA Cover – pm only – Inclusion Assistant from 11am
Mrs H Cherry SEN-D / Inclusion Assistant / Occupational Therapy
Mrs M Fox SALT programmes + EAL Support + FS1
Mrs A Mortimer HLTA – NQT Cover / PPA / Jigsaw / Medical Information / Dyslexia Screens
Mrs L Clements Librarian / Breakfast Club
Pastoral Support
Mrs C Hempstock Pastoral Manager
Mrs C Otter Pastoral Support
Mrs M Parker Pastoral Support
Office Staff
Mrs E Sands School Business Manager
Mrs N Baker Administrative Officer
Miss K Cook Administrative Officer
Mrs M Hubbard Clerical Officer
Subjects Key Stage 1 Key Stage 2
Art S Wright C Crowe

K Sutherland – Lead

Circle Time/PSHE/British Values C Rosser – Lead A Chowdhury
J Dyszy
Whole School
A Mortimer
C Hempstock
Computing L Knowles – Lead M Parker
J Dyszy
DT and Enterprise L Cooper
S Mellows
A Chowdhury
R Gathercole – Lead
H Cherry
M Fox
L Knowles – Lead
Pupil Premium and Enrichment
M Austin
C Davey
A Mortimer
K Simpson – Lead handing over to L Knowles
FS L Cooper
Y1 and 2 L Knowles – Y1/2 representative
Y3 and 4 K Sutherland – Y3/4 representative
Y5 and 6 K Fisher – Y6 – Lead
M Austin
Supporting Teacher to lead – C Rosser
Geography J Fanthorpe – Lead
L Hoggard
B Turtle
History K Gibbons – Lead
L Knowles
C Crowe
Maths J Fanthorpe A Chowdhury
F Mawson – Lead
Music K Gibbons N Sture – Lead
D Wilson
PE K Gibbons B Turtle – Lead
Phonics L Cooper – Lead
L Mitchener
H Young
D Wilson
P4C J Fanthorpe – Lead C Crowe
RE C Holland A Chowdhury – Lead
R Gathercole
Science L Hoggard
C Holland
R Gathercole – Lead
SEN-D Supporting Teacher
J Fanthorpe
1 Arts Award – on-going K Sutherland
2 Artsmark renewal – GOLD Achieved in July 2018; now need to maintain
3 Fairtrade ACTIVE Achieved
4 PSQM – Science R Gathercole + K Simpson
5 Reading Mark English Team
6 UNICEF – Rights Resppecting school L Cooper, J Fanthorpe + S Thomas, C Hempstock, A Mortimer
SIP Working Teams 2019 – 2020
LEADERS Francesca Mawson
Assisted by – Kathryn Sutherland
Sally Thomas
Assisted by – Jo Fanthorpe
Larissa Thorpe Kimberley Fisher
Assisted by – Amina Chowdhury
FS and KS1
Lucy Hoggard
Chantel Holland
Charlotte Rosser
Lisa Cooper
Martina Fox
Sarah Mellows
Joanne Fanthorpe
Lisa Cooper
Kelley Gibbons
Lindsay Knowles
Carla Crowe
Natalija Sture
Bethany Turtle
May Parker
Kate Simpson
Amina Chowdhury
Kimberley Fisher
Francesca Mawson
Joanna Dyszk
Riykena Gathercole
Donna Wilson
Whole School
Larissa Thorpe Helen Cherry
Caroline Hempstock
Andrea Mortimer
Emma Sands
Sally Thomas
Larissa Thorpe
GOVERNOR Mr Ashworth
Mrs Crowther
Mrs Hansford
Miss Baker
Mrs Hansford
Mrs Fields
Mr Gathercole
Mrs Thompson
Miss Baker
Mrs Mortimer
Mrs Thompson
TOTAL (without Governor) 9 10 8 8
Site Supervisor
Mr P Toner Whole School
Lunchtime Supervisors = 15
Mrs M Fox Senior Supervisor
Mrs M Baker
Miss D Baxter
Mrs C Beaney
Miss D Burdass
Mrs L Clements
Mr S Collier
Mrs K Collins
Mrs S Graves
Miss G Green
Mrs S Heath
Miss L Robinson
Mrs K Sutton
Miss L Taylor
Miss D Wright
Kitchen Staff
Mrs R Dales Cook Supervisor
Mrs K Hollingsworth
Mrs A Plazuik
Mrs S Neal
Mrs S Repton
Mrs T Towler