Giving Every Child, Every Chance, Every Day

Telephone: 01724 843601       Headteacher: Larissa Thorpe


Giving Every Child
Every Chance
Every Day

Telephone: 01724 843601             Headteacher: Larissa Thorpe


Welcome to Foundation Stage 1 Nursery

Class Information

Teacher – Mrs J Fanthorpe

Early Years Practitioners – Mrs Symonds and Miss Robinson

Learning Assistant – Mrs L Hyke

Autumn Term

The children were welcomed to their new school after the Summer holidays. They were very excited to share with us what they had been up to. All of the children settled in very well to the school routines and environment and enjoyed exploring the setting both inside and outside.  Here are some photographs of the children discovering their new surroundings.

Reading and Writing activities

The children are very enthusiastic when we complete reading and writing activities, we encourage the children to have a go and each child is supported to suit their individual needs. There are opportunities for both areas of learning through adult led activities during focus groups and through child led activities during their Independent Learning Time. Here are some photographs of the children.

Maths activities

We have had so much fun exploring different aspects of Mathematics including: number rhymes, counting, sorting, matching, puzzles, exploring shapes and much more. Some of the children can count, recognise and order numbers to 10, that’s amazing! Let’s take a look.

Creative activities

Throughout the Nursery our children are able to show their creative side, whether that is through drawing, painting, singing, dancing, role play, small world, construction or however they feel how to express themselves. The children are happy to work independently, with a friend or in a group. Look where their imaginations have taken them!

Children in Need

The children really enjoyed taking part and raising money for Children in Need. They got involved by dressing in spotty clothes, which some of our parents did a super job by making them at home, buying and wearing Pudsey ears and wrist bands, colouring and painting Pudsey pictures and having their photograph taken with our very own Pudsey teddy bear.

Spring Term 1

The children were welcomed back to school after the Christmas holidays. They were very excited to share with us what Father Christmas had brought them. They enjoyed seeing the tree and the book corner in the Quiet Room change from Winter to Spring.

Due to the weather still being cold we have been finding out what clothes will keep us warm when we go outside and how we can stay dry when it is raining. The children are trying really hard to put on the waterproofs and wellies by themselves to play in our outdoor area, and they were able to find the matching pairs of gloves and scarves by looking closely at the patterns. Some used the chunky chalks outside to draw snowmen too.

Dough Disco

The children thoroughly enjoy our Dough Disco activity that we do. We thought it would be a good opportunity to invite the children’s families into school to join in with us.

Dough Disco is a fun activity which combines the use of play dough and music with a series of hand and finger exercises. These strengthen and develop children’s fine and gross motor skills, hand-eye co-ordination, balance, grip and most importantly their self-esteem! The parent’s enjoyed it just as much as the children.

Spring Term 2

During this term we have focussed on story telling through listening to different types of stories, reading books of our own, retelling stories using props and the children have also used the outdoor area to build bridges and act out the story of ‘The Three Billy Goats Gruff’.

Exploring the Snow

The children were very excited when it snowed. So we all got dressed in our waterproofs and wellies and went out onto the big playground to experience the snow. The children caught the snowflakes in their hands, jumped in the snowy puddles and ran through the snow.

Investigating how plants grow

In F1 we have been learning how plants grow and what we need do to look after them.  All of the children got involved in planting their own bulbs. They have learnt that for a bulb to grow it needs soil, water and sunshine. Everyone took turns to put some soil in their pot, put the bulb in the middle of the soil, cover the bulb with more soil, water it and then put it in the sunlight.

Making Pizza

For one of our Friday Food activities the children made pizza. It was lots of fun spreading the tomato puree across the muffin base, and then there were different ingredients to choose from including cheese, green pepper, sweetcorn and cherry tomatoes. Once the children had selected their ingredients and finished their pizza they took them home to cook and eat for lunch.

Summer Term 1

During the Summer Term we have noticed that all of the children in F1 are more grown up now, they have not only grown in size but in confidence and in their abilities as learners. They thoroughly enjoy exploring new activities, experiences, ideas and learning opportunities.

Here are some photographs to show just a few of them from numbers and letters to moving and climbing and even creating a beautiful Summer garden display using various collage materials and a paper plate.

Summer Term 2

We have now moved into the new school building, which is fantastic, there are even more areas to explore both inside and outside.

Let’s take a look!

This is the ‘Creative Room’ which includes areas such as the Workshop Area, Painting Area, Play Dough Area, Small World Area, Construction Area and the Snack Area.

This is the ‘Quiet Room’ which includes areas such as the Reading Corner, Home Corner, ICT Area, Investigation Area, Maths Area and Mark Making Area.

This is our fantastic Outdoor Area which includes a large Construction Area, Mud Kitchen, Minibeast Investigation Area, Musical Instrument and Movement Area, Sand Area, Water Area, Painting Area, Work Bench Area and our own Garden Area where we can grow plants and vegetables.

Here are some photographs of the F1 Nursery children exploring our new school in their Key Person Groups and in their Independent Learning Time.