The Grange Primary School


The Grange Primary School admits children from the ages of 3 to 11 and follows the Local Authority’s guidelines for 5 to 11 and follows its own policy for age 3.

The Grange Primary School has an admission limit of 60 per year group. Parents wanting their children to attend The Grange Primary School should initially contact the Local Authority Admissions Officers who will check on place availability and facilitate the placement if appropriate. The school does not discriminate in any way against children with disabilities, but positively encourages their integration into mainstream school. The existence of a toilet for the disabled and good access to the building supports inclusion. The school’s Disability Equality Policy ensures that the school is proactive in promoting equality amongst all pupils – disabled pupils are not treated less favourably than other pupils. This policy is available from the main office as is the school’s Accessibility Plan.

In Foundation Stage we have one Nursery class (Foundation Stage 1) and two Reception classes (Foundation Stage 2). In Key Stage 1 we have two Year 1 classes and three Year 2 classes. In Key Stage 2 we have two classes each in Years 3 to 5 and three classes in Year 6.